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P21DD my experience...

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I got the code about 2 weeks ago.

Did some looking around this is caused by the urea tank heater.

I took it down to Berger Chevy in Grand Rapids.

I had them do the NOX sensor recall and this repair as well.
The issue IS covered under a special service notice but only to 120,000 miles from the milage the car was put into service.
Since I have just done 119,000 I was pretty fortunate.

I did call and make an appt to get the car serviced and even told them what part number they would need. They assured me they had them in stock.
Turns out they really didn't so the repair took an extra day.

No charge for either the nox sensor or def tank heater but it did burn through about 2 gals of diesel doing the manual regen.

Fuel economy appears to be unchanged or slightly better. With nox recall done and the ecu reprogrammed.
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Forgot to mention the count down from the CEL popping up to being speed limited was about 1000miles for me.
I was down to 30 miles left before being limited when I pulled into the dealer ship the second time.

So 900 miles of CEL then 100 miles of warning on the DIC then limited to 65mph top speed.
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