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P2227 with Pending code P0234

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Hey all fellow Cruzers! Hoping I can find some info and or guidance with my issue. I have a 2014 1 LT with 123K miles. About a week ago I got a P2227 with a pending P0234. I did some forum searching and even a post on FB CruzeTalk that suggested a new MAP sensor, got that. I was due for changing spark plugs this weekend so also did that.

I had the common coolant leak issue so also over the weekend I replaced the coolant housing and thats done. Im going into Limp mode when the solid check engine light fires up.
Last week I checked and cleaned the MAF and it was really clean but gently cleaned it anyway with the MAF cleaner spray.

Im praying for anyone thats had a similiar situation or any useful info. The car has zero leaks and im not over heating one bit.

Thank you all~
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