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This says it all:

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Forgive the slight blur, too lazy to did out my good camera. In testing both relays, the OE gives a tiny click when energized, this one has more like a clunk, solenoid current is exactly the same at about 125 ma. Using my best ohmmeter, contact resistance is 0.000001 ohms. Didn't use a current test, again too lazy. As is the pin spacing, but as you can see the contacts tabs are quite a bit larger.

Tabs on the OE are 32 mils, 50 on the Panasonic, thinned those to 38 mils for a nice tight fit, plus trimmed the edges exactly like the OE. The one shown is my spare, its not like I don't want to show my excellent work, in the Cruze, and I don't want to remove it, may never have too.

Will toss the original in my plastic bag of spare parts, like fuses and bulbs, just in case.
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