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Pandora and Spotify audio skips and stutters using Bluetooth in MyLink radio

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When using Bluetooth to listen to pandora or Spotify on the MyLink radio, the music skips and stutters in my 2014 Cruze. Bought the car new, never had an issue up until a few months ago. Dealer can't figure it out. My phone(galaxyS4) has no issues as far as phone calls in the car, it's just Bluetooth audio. My phone plays perfectly in my wife's Traverse, and my friends 2014 Cruze as well. I'm getting frustrated because this is what I want to listen to in the car. If I use the phone plugged into the aux Jack, it plays fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I've had problems playing bluetooth audio with an Lg g2 and a Samsung Note 5, seems to be the signal strength is shotty, I got a 32 gig flashdrive from walmart and have been playing my personal music with NO problems, I know that's not a solution but the audio quality is definitively better than bluetooth audio
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