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I've had horrible BT music skipping issues, especially with Pandora ever since updating the Mylink System in my 2015 LTZ. I don't know if it was the Mylink update itself, the 9.3 iOS on my iphone 5, or a combination of the two. Either way, it's annoying and pisses me off that the BT audio feature on my Cruze is at times almost inoperable because it skips and messes up so bad. A lot of the times, when I first start Pandora over BT, the songs' pictures, all the audio information, and the progress bar aren't present. I usually have to exit out of it and/or cut BT off in my phone and then cut it back on for it to finally work as it was designed. So I've found some workarounds to get it to act right but I really shouldn't have to do that.

I notice that the times it wants to act right, I see the Gracenote icon appear while my audio data is loading but the times that Gracenote icon doesn't appear is when I usually have the problem with none of the song info and pictures showing up. This is not the same as when Gracenote just doesn't have a picture in its profile to use for the song.
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