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Pandora Problems

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Hey All,

Just got a 2013 Cruze LT and I am having problems getting the Pandora function to connect to my iPhone. I have tried to connect with an Android phone and it connects by itself. Has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it?
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You'll have to use the USB interface to use Pandora with the iPhone. It's a documented limitation in the iPhone and Cruze interface. I suspect it's a licensing issue because there's no technical reason for it.
how do you use the pandora app with mylink? i downloaded the app on my phone but doesn't seem to pick up on the mylink interface...
Start the app with your phone (while having the USB cord plugged in and put the radio on FM (just to confirm its on)). MyLink will then switch automatically to Pandora and you can control you Pandora account (radio stations and such) through your MyLink radio.
Make sure your phone is unlocked first.
My technique is to make sure Pandora isn't running and then select it on the myLink menu.
Ha, never had problems with my very first car, a 1930 Olds, not only didn't have a cell phone, but no radio either. Was a great car to drive because you not only had privacy, but peace and quiet.

I really don't get it, most smart phones today have hands off calling. Love that Cruze MP3 player with a short cruise 16GB flashdrive in there, no more hundreds of CD's floating around. Still can key in phone numbers one at time, but I got bored after doing just two.

Apple just has to be different, granddaughter broke off that lightning connector, twenty bucks for a new one. Apple uses a chip in there just so you have to buy one of theirs, they can put on any price they care for. Any other one is two bucks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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