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Hello all


I have searched the forums for other discussions regarding seat belt chimes. All I found were unhelpful people bashing the OP for not wearing their seatbelt, and that the chime itself cannot be disabled short of actually using the seatbelt. I also didn’t want to revive a four year old thread, so I started my own.

Is there a way to unplug the passenger seat weight sensor?

I have a 2013 Chevrolet Cruze that I purchased days after being hired as a Direct Sales Representative for a cable and internet company. For this job, I have a company iPad in an Otterbox that I use to disposition my leads and enter sales orders. I don’t know how much it weighs, but while I’m driving I keep it on my front passenger seat that NO ONE EVER SITS IN. It weighs enough that the car thinks a passenger is sitting there and therefore I have to listen to the chiming for 8 hours a day on my 100 mile commute. I have tried simply buckling the passenger seatbelt, but I find that the strap is usually in my way when I reach for my iPad

I do not want to buy a male end to plug into it when something electrical could just be unplugged or a switch flipped or anything else that wouldn’t cost more than 15 minutes of my own time when I’m on break.

I simply want to disable the weight sensor in the seat at no cost. If I ever sell the car, hopefully it could be undone so the next owner can listen to the chime when their passenger isn’t buckled.

Is there any way I can do this?

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For the application described, a simple solution is to wrap the seat belt behind the seat back and click it in. The belt will be out of the way and the BCM will be happy (no seat belt warning).

Additional benefit, easy to restore normal functionality when a passenger seat is required.

Disclaimer: Procedure NOT recommended for passengers.
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