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PCV Valve again! Chevrolet When Will You Fix This???

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This is a longstanding issue with all Chevy Cruze cars for several years now!
Chevy have not addressed this problem and we all are suffering because Chevrolet continue to produce vehicles with the same design flaw, and there is a solution not a Chevrolet one yet though!

The intake manifold check valve fails causing the expansion diaphragm in the crankcase cover to rupture (take note all cruze owners idling problems first signs etc)

It seems that I have also developed another problem due to the excessive vacuum created by the failure, the outer crankshaft seal is now leaking & sucking air in!

See this video on You tube -

So the intake manifold check valve Chevrolet (continuing design flaw) failure causes excessive vacuum in the engine block which can cause the outer crankshaft seal to fail and possibly all the block gaskets maybe the inner crankshaft seal. (what a design flaw come on Chevy?)

I'm at 100,801 miles now, so only just past warranty, are Chevrolet going to step up to the plate for me on this??

' ****Watch This Space Folks*****

Question -

Can the car be driven with the dipstick slightly out to relieve the pressure, is this advisable?

The design solution comes from one of the forum Administrators - Genius>

PCV Check Valve Kit>