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PCV valve in Gen 2?

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Where is it located? Does Chevy still have it integrated into a PCV valve (camshaft) cover? Who has a Gen 2 that can take a pic of what it looks like under the hood?
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Seems GM learned their lesson from the Gen1 design...

I am repairing a PCV system on a '13 Encore and it made me wonder about my '17 Cruze's PCV system (LE2). I found this thread which ends in 2018. I wonder if there have been any more discoveries on the PCV system of the Gen II 1.4 turbo'd cars? Mine has 50k mi. on it and shows absolutely no signs of oil consumption/leaking but being the proactive type that I am, I want to change the check valve(s) privatively before the seals are over-pressured.
What is the latest information on this?
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