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PCV valve in Gen 2?

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Where is it located? Does Chevy still have it integrated into a PCV valve (camshaft) cover? Who has a Gen 2 that can take a pic of what it looks like under the hood?
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On the Gen 2 cruze, the engine is a LE2 engine. There is one open pcv on the front and rear of the engine cover and one pcv valve that is right behind the oil fill cap on passenger side of engine. The prior engine model is on the drivers side. If your replacing GM part number 12637666, notice there is no way I found to release it an remove without removing the valve cover. However I used channel lock pliers and broke the bottom ring from the valve where the green lock is at then picked the pieces out. The new valve will snap right into place with little effort. Note: the vacuum line has similar lock.
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