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Obviously you've never driven with one. I just installed mine and it has completely changed the pedal response
Obviously you're not wrong, I haven't, and never will. I also strongly advise anyone reading this, to never ever even consider one of these devices. Leave the thread right now, take a walk. Do something else.

What that $20 (if that) cheat box does is it makes the ECM think 30% pedal is 60% pedal.

It does not fix any sort of 'pedal by wire' system. That 'pedal by wire' system is done entirely in the ECM and is much more complicated than a single person can hope to understand.

So why is that so effective at making people think their car is better? I'm sure you could write and publish an article on that.

Eventually, your brain will learn the new sensitive pedal and you are back to the old one anyway. Except this time, if you go back to a pedal without the cheat box, it will feel insanely slow and you just start reiterating your false point of "oh this is so much better".

Don't buy into it. Send it back, and if they don't take it just do a charge back on the claim of fraud.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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