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Hey guys/gals

My last vehicle averaged 13.7 MPG last year, so I was curious how much money I'd save on gas now owning a Cruze. So I thought I'd create a spread sheet that showed the cost of fuel during a 1 year period over a span of different mileage ratings and fuel costs. I zipped the file since the forums don't allow .xls files to be uploaded. I used WinZip, but any Zip program works, and most can be downloaded free.

The values in green are what you are able to change to suit whatever you want (miles per year & any of the MPG values). The vast majority of the worksheet will be locked so you don't accidentally change any of the equations and not know what happened.

When you change any of the MPG value's, they will be reflected in the percentage differences on the right as well. Also, the percent decrease values should be read from LEFT TO RIGHT, not vertically.

Hope other people find this as interesting as I did.

Ask questions if you have any.

P.S. - This file does not have a virus attached to it. It was scanned prior to uploading
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