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By far the best tune currently available is from BNR. You can get it here: BNR Tune 2011-2016 Limited Chevrolet Cruze 1.4L Turbo

As for intakes, they're mostly cosmetic and allow you to hear the turbo sounds more. I would stay far away from K&N filters. Their intake is alright, when used with an Injen EA nanofiber filter, but K&N filters pass 47x more fine dust than OEM cellulose filters and clog to restriction with only 1/3 the amount of dirt. They also have a tendency to foul up the MAF sensor. They need to be cleaned very often to provide any performance gain, which drives up the cost and maintenance of the filters in addition to the risk of over-oiling, and can cause turbo dusting issues. There's really no reason to use one unless you have a purpose built track car and every last horsepower counts.

Pass on the K&N and get an AEM intake instead: Chevrolet Cruze 1.4T AEM Cold Air Intake for 2011-2016 Limited

If you want to spend more money, BNR also has an upgraded turbo and ignition coil, but you're getting into more heavy modifications at that point. Have you considered any suspension or chassis upgrades? The UR upper strut mount braces are very nice and make a big difference.

Chevrolet Cruze, 2011-2016 Limited, Ultra Racing Front Strut Bar
Chevrolet Cruze, 2011-2016 Limited, Ultra Racing Rear Lower Bar
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