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I recently bought a forfeited 2014 Cruze with 34k miles. It did not have a key and would not start once I had one made/programmed. I have been working on the no crank, no start condition off-and-on since I got the car (see my previous posts here and here) in which I have made some progress. I have no information on the cars past life other than it was maintained regularly, was in great condition when I received it, and had no apparent mechanical/electrical/water damage. All electrical systems, lights, signals, radio, horn, alarm, etc. all function as they should. Since I got the car, I have installed a new battery, new starter, new BCM, cleared DTCs, except for the permanent codes P1682, P2078, P0685, P0686 that will not clear until the underlying problem is addressed, whatever that may be. Here are the DTC reports for my vehicle,
Permanent_DTCs_1.pdf and Permanent_DTCs_2.pdf.

Additionally, a constant throughout this process has been that the immobilizer security code is not currently accepted, despite a learned and successfully programmed master key (which works with all locking/unlocking of doors as well as all electrical elements with the key in the ignition).

Furthermore, I found that my ECM challenge status is invalid and the authentication is unknown (but am unsure if this is important or not).

Here are some more diagnostics should those be of any importance (note: reduced engine power history recorded a throttle malfunction).




I should also mention that through extensive searches with a multimeter and my eyes/hands, I have detected no mechanical issues in the wiring so far. I have also tested/swapped relays and fuses to rule them out. Upon turnover attempts, all the symbols on the dash as well as the radio will go dark, and a very faint click can be heard under the fuse box in the engine compartment (which can only be heard from outside the vehicle). It is definitely not a solenoid click! And even when trying to bypass the ignition, I get no attempts at the starter to engage (I did check the starter before installing and it worked just fine).

So, long story short: What are some possible causes for all four of those DTCs to remain? Could the immobilizer non-acceptance cause all of these issues or is the code not accepted because of issues elsewhere (e.g. the ignition switch or ECM). Could the fuse panel be faulty in the engine compartment, leading to bad connections and the errors seen here? Could a faulty ECM result in the very faint click under the fuse panel? I figured I'd ask around here to see if anyone has experience or information about these DTCs (especially if it is with the same four occurring at the same time) before I started haphazardly throwing parts at the car.

Thanks in advance!


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