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Perplexing GMOS-044 and ASWC-1 issues. Any suggestions?

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Hey everyone,

So i need help, desperately. I am about to lose my mind with these issues. First, the parts:
JVC KW-V41BT radio (With a microbypass = DVD in motion)
Axxess GMOS-044 harness
Axxess ASWC-1 SWC adapter

All connections are soldered and heat shrunk. I have redone the wiring 3 times now. Each time, I've cut all the connections, re-soldered them all to the appropriate corresponding wires, and shrunk them all again. I have used the ASWC adapter that was built into the GMOS and the other adapter that came with the ASWC and both had the same results.
Now to the issues::angry:

1. No SWC's. I used the Light blue/yellow wire from the JVC and connected it to the brown wire on the 3.5mm adapter per directions, and plugged it into the female adapter (these were per the directions from Axxess). Here is what happens - every time i start the car, the led rapidly flashed green and red for 10-20 seconds (never truly timed it). Then, 7 green blinks (showing the pink wire is connected), then 5 red blinks (showing I am using a JVC). BUT, finally, it flashes red/green (slower than when i turn the car on). I dont have any controls from the steering wheel EXCEPT the pick up/hang up buttons. This is where my second issue comes in

2. Hang-up/Pick-up buttons. These are the most perplexing. The pick up button, if held for 3 seconds, shuts off the radio, ASWC and GMOS. Then, I hold the hang up button for 3 seconds, and everything turns back on. This happens even when i don't have the ASWC module plugged it! I cannot turn on the stock LED screen, or control any of the volume keys.

3. Cannot manually program. Every time i start the car, the ASWC module goes through the same process that i described in the beginning of issue 1. I have tried holding the reset button, and it resets after i hold it for 2 or 10 seconds, then starts the same process of failing to autoprogram right away. I have tried to manually program multiple times, but it doesn't let me. I know people on here have successfully plug and played the adapters into the modules and everything worked. Do you think i have bad modules?

Does anyone have any ideas or troubleshooting ideas that i can try? I am desperate. I have tried called Axxess 3 times and am on hold forever with them, so they aren't helping with the situation. I know people here are very good with audio systems. I thought i was decent with them until this conundrum started happening. Very disheartening. If anyone has any, and i mean ANY suggestions, I would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!:th_salute:

Thank you so much,
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So instead of using the brown wire on the ASWC, use the brown/white?

And can you please explained retained power supply? I havent heard of this before. I havent touched any of the stock wiring harnesses that came with the car. I just us plug and play harnesses when adding aftermarket radios. The only wire i usually run off is the amp turn on.

I will try the wire switch tomorrow. One other thing i noticed tonight is that the led inside the GMOS-044 is always red. Even when the car is off. Im guessing this signifies 12+ constant, but shouldn't it change to green when the car is on?

Thanks for the advice man. Sorry for the delay in replying, I was in the middle of finals. I took everything out, redid all the wiring AGAIN, and hooked it all back up. The aswc auto recognized the car and radio this time, and stayed solid red at the end of the process, but my dash still isn't lighting up! It's so aggravating. I have SWC but no way to turn on the display. I have tried holding down every button, for 3-10 seconds each, and nothing works. Odd thing though, the language on the center display in my speedometer area changed to French!!! Also, my A/C always comes on when I start the car. I saw a video that showed that this was an option also, so something is happening. It's making me think that it is processing the commands, but for some reason, the screen won't turn on.

I have tried called Metra 5 times, and every time I am on hold for 30+ minutes. I know my wiring is correct. I'm very good with wiring. Everything is soldered then heat shrunk. All the wires that are not in use are heat shrunk also to prevent a short. I cannot tell if it's the JVC radio or the modules from Metra. I have reset the ASWC multiple times and it is up to date. I don't have the wired 4 pin connector to connect the main module to the computer, so that isn't up to date. I don't know where to go from here. I may email Metra and ask them to replace the modules under warrenty, but they have the WORST customer service.

Any more advice would be awesome man!



I remember now when I switched from a Clarion to JVC head unit, the ASWC-1 would not auto program, so I had to go through this procedure for manual programming. However, this part of the manual was not written very well, or it didn't work exactly as described with the LED's going solid and such.

Press and hold the volume down for 3 seconds after turning key on
Press and hold the volume up 5 times (JVC is code 5)
Press and hold the volume down to store the code

Again, as I recall, the LED's on the ASWC-1 did not illuminate as described in the manual when doing this, so I had to do it a few times blindly before it worked correctly. Once it is working, it works really well. Only issues I have is the SW pickup / OnStar stupidity, and the display above radio will sometimes randomly switch over to date and time settings for no reason (I keep forgetting to call Metra about this).
I have the same setup as you with a JVC KW-V41BT, GMOS-044, and ASWC-1 SWC.

I'm just going on memory here:

1. I had to manually change the radio type to JVC using the procedure on page 12 of the manual. IIRC, it took 3-4 tries.

2. The pickup button will shut the radio off if a mute wire is not connected because it turns on the OnStar prompt. JVC / Kenwood head units don't have a mute wire, so don't even bother with the pickup button. The SW pickup button will ALWAYS activate OnStar. Already called Metra about this, it's hard coded in GM vehicles, and cannot be reprogrammed to BT phone pickup. Annoying, but just use the touch screen or voice dial on the head unit.

I assume that you connected the ASWC-1 as described on page 7, section C of the manual? (blue / yellow wire from head unit to brown wire of 3.5mm adapter)
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Check this site out , Do some research here and then give them a call ...
Metra .....Installation Parts for Car Stereo Installers - Harnesses, Dash Kits, Bluetooth, Installer Tools, Do it Yourself
Ive already read through all the manuals and online forums I can find about these adapters and modules. I have tried calling many times, but I'm always on hold for a long time.

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Thanks, I did seem to see that. I'll definitely have to check the pins since I've plugged and unplugged this thing 10+ times already.

Finally, we have success!! What a struggle. There ended up being two bent pins inside the main plug for the GMOS. Bent them back into place, and everything worked perfectly. The aswc works with the radio finally also. Thanks for the help guys.
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