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Phone Settings No Longer Work - Dealer Wants $105 to Diagnose!!

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Apparently the Chevy Cruze is known to have this issue where the phone settings (and thus, Bluetooth) stop working. When I click on "Phone Settings" is says "Not Available" and I can't access any portion of the settings.

My car is sitting at the Chevy dealership as we speak and the dealer wants $105 just to diagnose the issue! PowerTrain is still under warranty but the rest of the car is not.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this issue, or even how to work with the dealership? (Who, btw, had a rep that, when I questioned the $105, rudely said to me "the technicians have to get paid somehow, they don't work for free". I'm all for the techs getting paid their due - they probably don't get paid enough! But there was no need for that remark.)
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Totally on agree on the techs getting paid. $105 is extravagant though. (And yes, they'll apply that cost to the repairs.) I've heard there's a software update with On-Star that may be the fix but I think only the dealership can do that. Doesn't sound like a $105 cost though.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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