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Phone volume control

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Every time I turn my car off, when i turn it back on, the phone volume is turned all the way down. I don’t mean the voice when calling, I mean “phone volume”. Text message, ringing, notification sounds. I can’t seem to find a setting in the car or in the phone that changes it so that on startup it’s at like 20-30 instead of 1. Anyone know how to do this?

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Best I could do ... page 102.

now that I posted the link I see it is for a 2013 overseas Cruze - that wasn't in the description...

I also ran across this:

Possibly #7 might help.

Lastly is it possible you can change a setting on your phone to do what you need?
I read through those both, thank you, didn’t find the adjustment in there. Now trying to figure out how to get the software to update the mylink, talking to online chat now to see if they can help. I miss so many texts and calls because the ringer is very low and I drive a lot, drives me bonkers

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