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Picked up a second cruze, 2016 LT

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Just picked up a 2016 Chevy Cruze LT! It's the second Cruze in the family, after our 2014 LT1.

Got a nice deal on our old Subaru for trade in, so we bit the bullet and don't regret it. So far.

The new 1.4L definitely has more punch, especially when starting off, have been thoroughly impressed with how much better it performs.

The auto-stop took about a week to get used to, but I'm averaging 37mpg in a mixed driving mode, but mostly city.

Hope to get a nice 5-8 years out of this one.

Hoping to add fogs at some point, and weather tech mats once they're released.


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There's quite a number of us with two or more in the family.

Last year my father bought one for his sister. And I know that Ober bought one for his son. Plus there's somebody else but I can't remeber who right now.
Congrats. I think you're the first to have one of each generation.
hopefully you will get more than 5 to 8 years out of it.
Very nice! I got my '14 1LT Cruze manual after my brother had/is still having a good experience with his '11 Eco manual.
Nice! I'm patiently waiting for the hatch to come out so we can possibly trade the wife's sonic in on one.
Was nice to have two vehicles of the same type, practical reason, with a family of eight people, kind of difficult to jam them all into one. Two Honda's, with problems with one, could use the other for measurements. Of even borrow a part of one to verify a problem, but no need of this now.

See the Cruze moved that marker light off the bumper into the head lamp assembly, was dumb to mount it down there in the first place, not that it is needed, certainly can see that amber parking light in the head lamp assembly. Still that phony grill in the hood, just a bug trap.

Can you remove your rear seat cushion without having to spend 40 bucks for a couple of pieces of plastic? Little things like this bug me. Gas cap is still on the right side, seems like you have to buy a foreign car to get it on the left side. Bugged my Cruze does not have towing tabs, no place to tie something down. Daughter's Kia has a bar you can screw into the grill, but still needs a towing hitch for the back, her gas cap is on the left side.

What's this jazz on fog lamps, spend years quoting parts and assemblies, would at most add six bucks to the cost if Chevy would add these in production. But seem to be far more interested in giving dealers an opportunity to make a lot more money. This to me is a huge negative. Its costing them more to not add cruise control to the LS, another thing that tees me off.

What about your sills, still stepping on painted sheet metal? Her 13,000 buck Kia has rubber along with a 60K mile 5 year BB warranty. Still played dirty tricks with no cruise, but 55 bucks worth OE parts and twenty minutes of my time gave that to her.

What about putting carpet floor mats on top of carpet, don't think about this, another stupid idea, its all this little stuff that gets me angry.
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