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Pioneer upgraded system

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Hello I am new to the forum, have lurked for a few months since finding the site, finally decided to sign up and see if I could get some help.

i have a 2013 BGM Cruze LT/RS. I've wanted to update the speakers or amp and wanted to see what options there are. I had a 2013 2SS camaro with the Boston acoustics upgraded system. A company called subthump made a plug and play kit called fark, to remove the old amp in the trunk and plug into a new amp for more power. It helped make the system come even more to life with the plug and play and a new amp in the same location. Can the same kit work for the setup in this car and get more life out of our "pioneer" speakers? I'm not sure what the rules are here, I don't want to link the product here to act like I'm touting it. If that company's product doesn't work, someone out there has to make something similar to make it easy to swap out the cheap amp for a quality one. Thanks
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Bump, anyone have thoughts on the best way to upgrade the stock amp?
From what I've been told, it's not possible without changing out the factory radio and re-wiring everything. Changing out the stock speakers made a big difference for me.
I Just finished the build in my 2014 LT2 with the Pioneer upgrade.....sort of............Currently I'm running 2-way with 2subs but I pre wired for 3-way with subs.....Factory radio is GONE.... NEW everything..but still have back up camera !
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What options are there for head unit change? Changing the front door and rear door speakers will bring this to life more?
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