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Wassup guys, I've had my cruze for almost a year now and I'd say I've done a decent amount of basic mods to it. Simple but clean.

-5% Tint
-Plasti dipped emblems,grill,and partial interior trims
-Suspension (Ksports coilovers)
-Wheels and tires (225/45/19s)
-Fog light vinyl

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Mid-size car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Alloy wheel

Land vehicle Car Vehicle Bumper Red

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Full-size car Mid-size car

Vehicle Rim Car Alloy wheel Wheel

Up next I'm planning on getting putting a K&N intake for more sound from the engine and then maybe an exhaust system to get some growl out the back.Not sure if I'd want a full system (auto unfortunately) or if a muffler delete or maybe an aftermarket muffler, still researching. Not trying to make serious gains, mainly shooting for a clean car with a little bit of noise.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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