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Did this voltage failure only occur once or is it repetitive? On my 2LT, the USB connector wasn't plugged all the way in, could be some other connector with the same problem making erratic contact.

2LT fuel tank capacity is 15.6 gallons, guys that have the Eco claim its the same fuel tank. But with some kind of restrictor in the filler so you can only put in 12.6 gallons. But some claim if you are patient enough, can put in the full extra three gallons. Maybe one of them will reply.

This information on the Cruze is all over the net. Was searching stuff like that before I purchased mine, that is how I found this board.


I can not put an extra "3 Gallons". The narrow fuel fill makes it hard to even get to 12 gallons. I have to be patient just to fill it up all the way. If I let the tank click off at normal, its 87% full. I can put in an extra gallon to make it around 13. I had my tank taken out of my car and everything... Dealership found nothing wrong besides the design flaw which sometimes won't even allow you to still fill it up. Just the way its designed and such. I normally put in 10-11 gallons when my car starts dinging at me for low fuel.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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