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"Please Help Find Part" IMT Sensor Code, P2076

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I have a 2011 Cruze with approx. 65k miles. Recently I got a check engine light and the code revealed a problem with IMT Sensor "P2076".

I actually stumbled upon this forum while trying to look it up and found a similar post. On the driver's side of the engine, towards the firewall, there is a connecting rod, presumably to control a damper in the plenum or something. Anyway, the bottom of this rod was disconnected and dangling. It connects with a little ball into socket, with a barb behind the ball to hold it in. The barb appears to be worn and not holding. At the time, I pressed it in and continued to drive and by the next day the light was off and code was clear. A couple of weeks later, the rod came loose again, check engine light was back on. I, once again, pushed it back in place and the next day the light was off again.

My QUESTIONS are: Does anyone know what this connecting rod is called? Does it have a GM part #? Can I order it and replace it? Can I get it to stay attached without replacing it?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice! -JC
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This thread has been very helpful. Thank you. Good pictures too, it's a rare thing these days with all our fancy Iphones to get decent pics.

NOTE; The reason I was using the internet to find answers is the the software I use was coming up with almost zero information on this specific issue. Seems typical of GM to remove important information on a cheap ass POS they messed up on releasing. Expensive for them to repair too. Jack.
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