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please help me diagnose my chevy car issue

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hello from the philippines guys&girls

i am a proud owner of a 2008 chevy optra wagon 1.6l manual

i been having a issue starting up the car and also now i am loosing rpm right after it starts, i will this to describe the issue as best as i can, i change the oil not too long time ago and i use semi synthetic , this first issue started even before the oil change, when i put in the key in and turn it to on position its all normal, but when i go to run it starts up but starts dying right away and the rpms r very low and even the car shakes like the engine is not running properly with the low rpm rotation or something, but when i off it and right away turn it back on, it starts up without an issue. this has been the issue for the past months now but i was thinking ok, the car is old just live with it, but now, i am noticing the 2nd issue which is more bigger saifty issue bc now after the car starts and is running for 1 to 2 min and i get to drive when i stop the starts to die when i press on the accelerator pedal, so it seams to me like its dont want to go forward for a while but then it dont die but after 2 to 3 sec of no power it dose go up in rpm and i can go forwards.

any suggestions guyes, plz help

thx homer from the philippines