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Please Help!! Went from randomly dying to now No starting**FIXED**

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Edited to Add that replacing the Coil Pack fixed the car*

2013 Cruze 1.4 Auto 130k

backstory: I bought the car about 2-3months ago. It’s had the codes P0171,,P0420,,P0496 since I bought the car. The only issues Iv had is rough starts after refueling. Until about 2 weeks ago I was driving and it died an would not restart, it would just crank but after letting it sit for 5-10min it would start back up. I ordered a new vapor canister purge valve solenoid but before I installed it. I drove the car down the road 1mile to the store an on the way back it died an would not restart no matter how long I let it sit, so I pushed it home and installed the new vapor canister purge valve solenoid but it still will not start, just cranks an will not start.
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I live in texas and I rebuilt the car in the spring so the cold climate thing i ignored and tried a new relay anyway.
I was thinking about your problem earlier and it reminded me of a similar one I ran into rebuilding my engine. There is a relay in the underhood junction box that is wierd. It will allow your car
to start and run then die and do a crank/no start condition. I replaced it and car would stay on and start everytime after. I foumd a tsb and thats what led me to check it out.
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Thank you! I’ll go pick up a new relay tomorrow an see if that fixes it. I’ll keep y’all updated.
I’m in Arkansas, do a lot of hunting in Texas
Okay still have not be able to get it to start, I even went an bought a name brand vapor canister purge valve solenoid incase the 2 I already had an the one I bought off Amazon were all defective and still no change. So today I decided to pull the coil pack and spark plugs. I’ll post pics but one of the boots was yellowish/brown while the rest were black. And the spark plug with the yellowish boot has some brown **** all in the threads, so I cleaned them up with a wire brush an gave the coil pack a few love taps and reinstalled it all and the car fired right up and idled for 12min and died, then I was able to immediately restart an idle it for 30min before it died again. I’m kinda leaning toward maybe a bad coil pack but what do y’all think? Iv got a friend supposed to come over tomorrow with his expensive scan tool to see if it’ll tell us anything my cheap scan tool won’t.
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Did you ever get the othee scanner on your car to see what was going on? I have a spare coilpack you can have, if that is the issue.
Did you ever get the othee scanner on your car to see what was going on? I have a spare coilpack you can have, if that is the issue.
ya my mechanic buddy brought his snap on scanner over last night, an we messed around with the coil pack and we are pretty much positive that’s what it is.
That would be awesome I saw your message when I was at the ZZP checkout about to buy the ZZP coil pack. Do you wanna DM about that coil pack please?
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Hey thank you for all your help, I ended up ordering the ZZP coil pack and it fixed my problem. The cars been running fine since I installed the new Coil Pack, with no problems other than a new clanking/rattle noise coming from the motor.
and the codes all cleared except for the P0420 code
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