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I have polished all of my cars for the past 25 years with Nu Finish. This has kept the paint in excellent condition for years.

The owner's manual for the Cruze states, "Application of aftermarket clearcoat sealant/wax materials is not recommended." (Page 10-84) But, in the next paragraph there is, "Occasional hand waxing or mild polishing should be done to remove residue from the paint finish."

Now, all previous GM clearcoat vehicle manuals state that any wax or polish should be non-abrasive and for clearcoat paint. Furthermore, these manuals do not go out of their way to recommend against routine waxing/polishing like this one does. But this car is so very different in so many aspects, that I am hesitant to go against these specific instructions. From the Dexos oil recommendations to a transmission that goes into neutral by itself and an air conditioning system that knows when to recirculate the cabin air, this car is an engineering marvel (Really!! the engineering of this car is a work of art - but I digress). It seems that the engineers have considered everything in great detail. Perhaps they have done something miraculous with the paint and the days of routinely polishing are over?

I contacted Chevy and they referred me to the dealership. The dealership does routinely polish their new cars.

Any thoughts? Thanks for your input.
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