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I have a 2014 Cruze 1.4t with A/t that has a pretty big list of dealer visits..

12k Wastegate clip
13k Unidentified electrical issues
15k Inspected front right axle, scheduled serviced fluid change... dealer left cap off expansion tank, car dropped back off at 11pm with empty reservoir
18k valve cover 1
20k valve cover 2, neg batt cable tsb
22k valve cover 3
24k valve cover 4, crank seal, intake plenum
I installed a KN typhoon at 27k
33k I ripped out the right axle
33k after i got it back i drove it for a day and blew a hole in the CP
37k sheared the end off the other axle brake boosting
44k head assmbly replaced from coolant leaking in #3, there was actually 1/4 inch of coolant on top of the piston
got the car back, now its externally leaking coolant and oil, and oil on one of the bolt on the front of the valve cover. car then stopped cranking
44k called gm tech, found dead 250a starter fuse and hole in the block. replaced engine
57k intake plenum replaced

Now here I am. A new engine, with a new plenum, that I believe has a fried HG. When I start it up my driveway smells reassuringly like coolant burning. I was using an autocal to scan and found that when I let off or downshift coming up to a light the car will misfire. Coming up to a stop yesterday it tracked 22 misfires on #2. Ive noticed its mostly #2 and #4 but #3 does it too. It doesnt seem like coolant is going anywhere fast at all though and as hard as I try to beat the poor thing up it just is not throwing any codes or popping the CEL, the tech wouldnt look at it yesterday b/c no codes but I called the shop manager today and gave him the rundown on my car and got myself an appt scheduled and a loaner lined up on monday because this week isnt promising, which I can even tell by driving by and seeing how full the lot is. I could go to another dealer but the next two closest are near eachother but far enough out of my way to be impractical...

All I want to know is what does everyone think would cause a head gasket to go bad on a new engine(~10k mi) that hasnt overheated?
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