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Possible Pulley Development by NonStopTuning?

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Hi everyone!

Mike here from NonStopTuning | NST USA. As some of you may know, and have on other cars of yours, NST offers a variety of products for popular makes and models, mainly our lightweight line of aluminum pulleys.

I'm curious to see if any of you here would be interested in a lightweight crank pulley and/or accessory pulleys for the 1.4 and/or 1.8 Cruze?

NST would have the ability to develop these items IF there is sufficient demand in the community, so if you are interested please speak up.

(Mods, please don't be too quick to pull the delete/lock trigger on this thread. NST would be happy to pay vendor fees IF the community shows support and demand for our brand and products. Thank you.)


In response to the feedback we've received from you guys, I decided to do a little homework. Based on the very limited info I've received from Chevy parts, and a little bit of searching online, it looks to me like:

1.4T 2011 seems to have a six rib crank pulley
1.4T 2012-2015 seems to have a five rib crank pulley

1.8 2011 seems to have a five rib crank pulley
1.8 2012-2015 seems to have a six rib crank pulley

What I would love to have from a few of you guys is some real world feedback. Please pop your hood and take a look at your belts to see if the info I've received is correct. You can either count the number of ribs on your belt or your crank pulley and/or alternator pulley to confirm for me. Pics would be an awesome bonus.

Final note: My data is based on units with a/c systems. I assume none of you in the USA own cars without a/c, correct?
Final note II: If any of you are in the Houston area and would like to be considered for prototype testing, please email [email protected]
Please note: NO discussion of any kind, regarding prototype testing will be handled via the forums. You MUST email us if interested in testing.

Thank you all!
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I'm down. Pending gains in quickness and results from testing.
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This SHOULD be gains without torque management as this is what you'd call parasitic loss such as drive train losses. Regardless, between this an a lightweight flywheel, you'd notice your engine spooling up far more freely and just plain quicker. Does it show up in a dyno? To an extent, but the real gains are less weight working against the engine. Such as lighter wheels.
Mpg gains would be less than 5%. Tons of reading on that approach on ecomodder. If you were at the absolute best mpg possible and wanted to take it a step further, it would be worth exploring, however for me, mpg wouldn't even be worth tracking.

But reading there also raises the concerns about alternator effort, as well as cooling system issues if pulley sizes are changed.
Past pulley sets I've looked into for other cars were between $3-500 depending on company and completeness of the set. Some also included a/c delete, which is interesting, until you actually realize how often your ac comes on without hitting the button.
So you'll be maintaining diameter? No under drive? That's actually good, I think, with how these cars are so finicky with some changes.
Awesome!! Can't wait to see how this pans out. It will be a great addition for an autox car!!
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I'm going to try and contact them directly in the near future to find out if they're still on board with this experiment. Unless someone else finds out first what their status is, I'll report back!
Talked to nst today. I'm kinda upset about the first part of their reply, but meh. They'll be willing to become paid vendors when they have a product to vend to us. But here's what they have thus far.

"Thank you for the interest and inquiry, we appreciate it.

It looks like NonStopTuning has been banned from for "advertising without being a vendor."

Perhaps you can pass this info along for us: we are working on lightweight pulley options for the Cruze and Sonic. This process is moving slower than initially anticipated, but it is moving along. We hope to have more specific info by the end of the year.

If anyone in the Houston area has a car available for testing we encourage them to email NST with info and photos of their cars.

Thank you.

NST Customer Service"
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Didn't know they were actually vending anything on here yet, seems at least with this thread they were just gauging interest.
At first, that's what I thought. But they do have an outlet store where you can get other items for the Cruze as well. Don't know How it matters when that was the only thing they'd bring to the table as "new"

Regardless, I'll try to keep an open line with them until they get the prototyping and production parts done. That is... Until I'm banned. Muahahahhaah.
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