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Just stopping by to say hello to my fellow new Cruze owners. It's my first new car in 21 years (had a great Honda Accord EX 5-speed, but it was time to move on), and my first American "car" ever (not counting the problematic and costly 1988 Plymouth Grand Voyager!). It's very strange changing cars after all these years, but I'll get used to it.

What I'm having the most trouble with is the transmission. I've driven a stick all my life (for about 40 years) and this one seems clunky and very specific. I only have 250 miles on the car and I've already had trouble getting it into 3rd unless I really shift up and over, and then this morning it got stuck coming out of 5th into neutral. I posted in a thread about that here:
so if anyone has any thoughts on that, please chime in.

Thanks to all who run this site. I hope to have much to add to the discussion.
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