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Save yourself some $$$ and grab the BNR stage one kit

Bad News Racing Cruze 1.4T Stage 1 Kit 2011-2016 Limited

I haven't seen any over boost issues on our ECU yet, it has excellent waste gate control.
Only thing that sometimes happens is wastegate flutter, but it seams to be a very limited group who experience this.

If your going tuned just watch for the Intake PCV check valve, thats the only thing that really fails that causes damage...
And an untuned cruze is as likely to have the same failure and issues, its just that this accelerates the process.

The perma fix involves installing this throttle body spacer, and would give you a solid boost port tap
BNR Throttle Body Spacer - LUV/LUJ 1.4T
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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