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I'm likely buying a 2014 in the next week or so. I'm trying to decide between an Eco 6mt and 2lt 6mt. What I'm looking for is:

1. what is the real 0-60 difference? I know the ECO is quicker but is it really that much? I know these are turbos for speed but I'm wondering
2. How much of a real difference is the lack of sound deadening in the ECO? I'm aware some of the soundproofing is off the ECO for weight and was wondering if the noise (esp on the freeway) is really noticeable.
3. is the lack of z-link really make the ECO handle poorly? Again, I'm not confusing these cars with GTIs.

I'm torn because I like the look/sport suspension of the 2lt but the quickness/efficiency of the ECO. Fyi, I drive 75 mi a day, mostly freeway/2ndary roads. There are a few stops towards the end for me to have a little launch fun.
1. minimal. The turbo is NOT for speed on these cars, it is to increase the hp though, I know that sounds contradictory. Without the Turbo the engine has around 74hp, which in a car as heavy as this is, would be incredibly slow.
2. My ECO is pretty quiet, even with my sub going, it doesn't really rattle that much.
3. The ECO handles very well.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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