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The eco has a very very very slight 0-60 time advantage only due to the slight weight difference (which best I can tell is about 300lbs, however in the 60-top speed zones the 2LT with a manual is faster as gears 3-6 arent as tall as the ecos. This is also dependant on how youre driving, if youre drag racing and redlining gears the eco is SLIGHTLY faster early on (0.1 second tops) but this can honestly be evened out by removing a few lbs from the 2LT. if youre pushing it but still rolling through gears like normal aggressive driving it wouldnt make any difference. And if it matters on the 2LT you get better tires and suspension from the factory. On top of the Z-link suspension spacedout mentioned its also sport tuned and doesnt roll as much through the corners, which having driven both an eco and 2LT extensively I can tell you the difference through tight corners (particularly in town windy backroads) is night and day. And the upgraded suspension is way more fun:p , but to that end I wouldnt say the eco handles poorly at all no, just not quite as nicely as the 2LT. Then theres the obvious stuff like heated leather seats and things. But yeah, my opinion is the money is worth the comfort and suspension upgrades, only reason id suggest and eco is if you plan on hypermiling for economy. As for the sound deadening its not really even really that noticeable. theyre both pretty quiet cars. I wouldnt let that be the decision maker if I were you. couple things I noticed that i would recommend considering is the cloth seats in the cruze are really really stiff and uncomfortable and never do really break in...the leather isnt the best in the world either but doesnt give me pain after hour+ drives like the cloth does.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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