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I was looking in the Rockauto catalog reciently for 2012 Cruzes and noticed that they have a listing for the european 2.0 liter diesel fuel filter. After a little googling I found UFI which is a filter manufactuer out of italy. (The filter that is listed via Rockauto doesn't look to be the appropriate filter based on the UFI catalog.)

If you go to the following site, and reference the Opel Astra J 2.0CTD engine you will find filters for this diesel engine. Clicking on the icon next to the part number brings up either a picture of the filter with dimensions, or a cross reference guide to all the competitor references.

GM oil filter 55577033 does come up on the cross reference guide for this 2011+ Astra mentioned above, so I'm confident on that cross reference info.

The next interesting information would be if the fuel filters for the Astra fit the Cruze North American filter housing. As mentioned in another thread, I suspect there was a special water colessing filter designed for the North American Cruze, but I highly doubt they changed the actual housing. Maybe some of the filters that are cross referenced here would fit a North American Diesel Version?

I've been lurking on the diesel part of this site for a while now, but I've had one GM vehicle with an odd ball engine that was hard to find parts for (Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.5 DOHC LX5). I'm not sure I'm willing to jump into the car until the parts supply, and dealer knowledge increases. Maybe in a few years, when it's time to upgrade my Cruze!

Well good luck guys, maybe someone that has the original GM oil and fuel filters for the 2.0L CTD can confirm dimensions based on the fact sheets on this site.
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