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I have owned several diesel cars in my life and last year chose to get a Cruz diesel. I personally like the power economy and ride. I debated the cruise and the Jetta however the Jetta is our scares and demanding a lot of money. Also is the Jetta is dated compared to the cruise. The technology package is nice I enjoy that very much. On the way home I got 60.7 miles per gallon then while at the dealership they had a California recall that cut into the economy by 10 percent. I always get 40 miles a gallon knocking around my neighborhood and a little over 50 on trips. I will probably chip The car later on. In fact, I like the car so much I will be purchasing an extended warranty for 150,000 miles. So in closing I would like to say from me, I love the car and I am happy with my decision.
1 - 1 of 75 Posts
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