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I have a 18 diesel hatch 6sp. Purchase it as a certified used at the end of march 2018 with 7k miles. It now has 32k. Its been a perfect vehicle for my needs. Most weeks I drive 300 mile one way commute from St Augustine to Ft Lauderdale and back. The car is relatively quiet and comfortable and the hatch is very flexiable. Most weeks I average 50+ MPG. Flat FL roads. Usually set the cruise at 72-73 which seems to be ideal for speed vs mpg. Like most cars, MPG crashes as you get much above 70. Just had my first service trip due to check engine light - it was a bad sensor in the emmissions system. I have done all the oil changes/tire rotations myself.

Would I purchase again - yes. However, I would consider the automatic, simply because you cant get the bose sound system/sunroof with the 6sp and at times I am starting to get lazy and shifting is a bit more trouble. Audio is important but cant justify spending the $$ to upgrade - sorta of defeats the money saved from the 50mpg. Only real complaint is the leather seats are hot with no ventilation. I purchased a wicker seat cover off of amazon that had a lumbar support. Made a big difference, although at times I feel like a cab driver. The other thing to think about is that the price premium for diesel eats into the savings from the mpg. Use gas buddy to find where to purchase, as diesel seems to have a larger variation between stations than gas. Truck stops are the last place you want to buy fuel.

Good luck with the decision and search. 6speeds were few and far between a year ago. I still follow the market and 6speed hatchbacks are just no where to be found.
1 - 1 of 75 Posts
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