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Potential new 2014 Cruzer

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Hi! I’m new here and would like to introduce myself as a potential new Cruzer. I’m been driving a 2012 Malibu for some time and have decided to pass it down to a family member for a graduation gift starter car. The Malibu was basic entry trim level with no add-ons. The vehicle doesn’t even have bluetooth, so it’s seriously time for an upgrade! I’m not interested in a 100% new vehicle and want to stay with a compact/midsize car so I have been looking into a used 2014 Cruze. Is there anything that I should know about this vehicle before committing? The one that I am looking is a certified used vehicle for $11,500 and is classified as LT. However, it has a sun/moon roof, the chevy mylink radio, back up camera, and 16” alloy wheels. Miles are around 45,000. It has 1 owner and was a leased vehicle. I have no idea if this is a good deal or not. What do you think about this blue ray metallic Cruze? Any input/info is helpful. Thank you.

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I think price could come down about $1000 (for my area anyway), but otherwise you'd probably be getting a nice car for the money.

Pull a CarFax report, or ask if the dealer has one. 2014s are relatively when they worked out most of the reliability issues with the 1.4T, but you want to make sure that you're not buying someone else's problem either.

Pop the hood and look around the transmission side for oil leaks or low coolant level.
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