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Not sure where you seen the 1.4T was faster 0-60mph than the diesel, but stock vs stock the diesel is quicker. Most of the 1.4T 0-60mph times I have seen listed are for the eco manual or the 2011 auto which has lower gearing than the 2012+ auto, even then most of the listed 0-60mph times were like 9-9.5seconds.

In the full heat of summer my 1LT 1.4T auto takes 11 seconds to 60mph, very slow. Everything I have seen listed for the diesel is 8.5seconds to 60mph.

If I was buying now that the diesel is available, I would buy it hands down over the 1.4T. More power and better MPG potential? kinda sounds like a win win if you ask me.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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