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I bought a Cruze diesel a few months ago and have so far put 17,000 miles on it through a Chicago winter. It's an excellent little car for both city and highway driving. I have averaged no less than 37 MPG in the cold winter and do 42 combined most of the time with my commute (I'd say it's 30% stop-and-go/70% highway).

The transmission shifting starts off a little rough, but with mileage, it has improved to be quite smooth 95% of the time.

I did compare the Eco 1.4 and the Eco-D. The gas Eco was too gutless for me. It pulls hard from a stop to about 40 MPH, but there's absolutely nothing left from gears 3-6...the gaps between gears are huge and the ratios are tall. The Diesel is a little torque monster - not a race car, but it'll get up and move around slower-moving traffic with no problem at all.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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