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I have to say that as of 77000 miles since I bought the 2012 Cruze Eco 6mt I have been very happy. I'm on my second set of tires, original brakes, and more oil changes than I can remember at this point. My commute is 150miles/day mostly highway. My ownership experience has been quite uneventful. As far as aftermarket parts are concerned there are companies out there making stuff for our cars. As fars as MPG's are concerned I typically get between 46/48mpg on a regular basis at 65mph. That of course drops a few points when hitting 70mph. As nice as the diesel is with all the amenities I still see no purpose in buying one. If you want all that and mpg's then go for it. If not imo the only model that gets decent mpg numbers is of course the Eco model but amenities are limited for weight purposes. I have to say that I love my Cruze Eco and when its time for new commuter car then I'll definitely buy another one!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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