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Potentially purchasing 3rd Cruze

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I'm looking at a dealer demo 2015 CTD with 6,000 on it as an upgrade from my 14 CTD which has 106,000 km. Price with incentives applied is $19,900 ($15,300 USD). Car has a few options my current one doesn't such as Sun/Sound package, enhanced safety package. If I end up purchasing it, it'll be my 3rd Cruze. I've had a 2011 Eco 6MT and my current 14 CTD. I think the price they're asking is fair... Thoughts?

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Sounds fair to me. The issue with any factory sunroof leaking is the drain tubes get clogged and back up water into the tray. Clear the tubes once in a while with a bit of compressed air (that's all the dealer will do).
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