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Sounds like a very good deal....

Regarding the sunroof......yes, the drains can get plugged with debris but your usage has a great deal to do with this.

The debris that gets in the drains is more often than not a result of leaving the roof in the vent position when the car is parked.
Folks do this to keep the interior cool but by leaving it in any open position, the trash blowing around gets blown into the water tray below the glass.
Even when closed, sunroofs leak water into the tray and in this scenario, the trash gets washed with the dripping water to the drain tubes.
Naturally, this slowly closes the drains and you now have water leaking into the car......the water tray is holding, rather than draining, the water.

So, get in the habit of closing the roof when not so and the odds are you will never have a problem.
My wifes 08 Malibu has a roof as did her four preceeding cars.......we have three 50+ year old maples so there is tree debris flying around at all times, but, she knows to close the roof.

I have never had to clean her roof drains.....never a problem.....I'm sure you would have the same success.

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