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Hello all,

I have a 2013 Cruze (60k miles) which recently developed an issue with the powered seat. It will no longer go forward but all other functions still work.

Things I've done/tried:
-Swapped wires from the up/down to the forward/reverse. Forward does work this way so I believe the motor is ok. However, up does not work but down does.
-Checked the voltage:
-unplugged: both directions read + or - 12.55V
-plugged in, + reads only 0.1V and - reads -12.3V

This leads me to believe the seat controller motor driver for the forward action has failed. Part number for the controller I think has failed is 13575063

Question's are...
-Does this seem like a reasonable assessment?
-Is there anything else I can try before buying a new controller?
-Is a direct swap possible or is reprogramming required?

Thanks for the help
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