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Powered Subwoofer

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Well its been almost a year with Xtreme's SQ audio (I'm using the SEAS prestige tweeters and silver flutes with a 100x4 amp) and I'm starting to think about a low budget powered subwoofer. Now before you roll your eyes - I know they're not as great as a custom built system BUT in general, how are they? The other reason I like these is that I want to save as much trunk space as possible (and I like that some of these have grilles.

I'm just looking for something to compliment the front sound stage in that 30-120Hz range. My budget is about $150 so with that here is the list of things I'm looking at in order of preference (1 being my favorite):

  1. [h=1]Powerbass BTA8 - Powerbass BTA8 Single 8-Inch 150W Amp Enclosure: Car Electronics[/h]
  2. Rockford Fosgate P300 -
  3. MTX-RTP8A - MTX RTP8A 120W RMS 8" Amplified Vented Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure
  4. Cadence FXB12CA -

So am I just crazy to go this route? Any other suggestions? The only other thing I could think was to search the for sale ads and craigslist.

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