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Noticed something interesting today..

On my way to work I completed 99% of a regen before turning the car off, was at 5grams. After work I stopped for fuel maybe 10 mins into my trip which was enough to get up to operating temp and resume a regen (RGN = 1). I turned the car off again during the regen at 4grams. When I started the car and immediately noticed the soot jumped to 8grams! So it seems it doesn't necessarily have to be in a "pre-regen" mode for the soot to jump as I clearly burned off a gram and the SC reported active regen. Luckily I was far enough away from the max before a manual regen.

Wish I could have gotten that on video ... Guess I'll be watching more closely if/when I interrupt a regen.
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1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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