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i thought you said you had to interupt the regen 3x to get the cel

cuz that would be insanely retarded to get a cel for one interruption when the driver doesnt even know theyre interrupting something.
No - I said I have interrupted it (at least) 3 times with no ill effect. As long as the regen is fully in progress and/or not restarted, but not in the "Pre-regen" status, you are fine. Thanks for asking about that - it's a very good point.

I just went went through my 1st Regen today, but @diesel is correct, there appears to be a "pre-Regen" that lasts for about a minute where the MAP drops below 14 on the Scan Gauge ( at least mine did) before the actual Regen starts ( #1 on my Scan Gauge 2) . This could be the point at which the DPF is getting flooded with fuel and the the DPF is heating up because once the actual Regen starts ( #1 in the gauge) , the Soot Mass starts to drop pretty quickly.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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