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Prestone Any Color w/ Dex-Cool?

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I accidentally mixed in some Prestone Any-Color/Make/Model Green engine coolant/antifreeze in with the factory original orange/pink coolant (Dex-Cool). The Prestone coolant is also labeled as silica free and 150,000/5year extended life. Do you guys know if this will cause any problems like the brown gunk issues I keep reading about? [Will I need to flush my system now?]

I picked up a bottle of Prestone after my original coolant evaporated out because my dad forgot to close the coolant lid all the way shut on the overflow tank. Bottle says can be mixed with any color, but don't know if that includes the Dex-Cool stuff.

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Does it say multivehicle on it.. If it says will mix with any i would think it would be fine.. Back when dexcool first came out people would flush there coolant and add dexcool and it would gum up everything.Was not good at all.And if the coolant was low it would also turn into a sludge plugging up everything.
It's fine... I figure it like this... If it does gum up and turn to goo, Prestone owes you an engine...
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