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Good morning to all,

First of all, thanks to your help forum.

Furthermore, all information and tried but no result has me impossible, so I open this thread to see if someone can help me.

I present the car:

Chevrolet Cruze 1.6i 124hp 5 speed HatchBack of Spain.

If I'm not mistaken, the gearbox having my car is:


"FAM 0 1.4L - 1.6L FAM 1 - Gasoline"

I have read several post with vibration problems in fourth gear, but I have not found a solution, I also have facilitated the following post -fourth-gear-only.html but I did not understand / find the car that changed and if solved correctly.

The problem with the car:

Vibration in shifter when I accelerate between 2000-3000rpm, also appreciates when floor the accelerator as the lever is moved forward and backward, like an old car when you have problems with silent block.

Moreover, where I can find the ability to change the transmission fluid? I guess that is two quarts.

The customer care service Chevrolet Spain, said that is completely normal and authorized dealers do not give me any solution.

The car currently has 40,000 km / 24,000 miles

Comment also, the car is strictly serial, has not made ​​any modification.

Another thing, occasionally has trouble going from 1st to 2nd gear.

This last guess was solved by changing AMSOIL 75-90.

A greeting and thank you all.

PD: Excuse my English is very bad.

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The first problem is often solved by the AMSOIL swap out as well. Mine improved with my short shifter as well but I wouldn't say it "fixed" the problem.

If you do go with the AMSOIL 75W90 make sure you buy three of the little guys. You'll want 2.5 quarts and not the standard 2.0 quarts.

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We've had a few members discover the cables from the shift lever base to the transmission weren't moving freely. 4th gear seemed to be the gear most impacted when this occured.
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