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This last week while I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan I stopped in at ZZPerformance to purchase an intake. After traveling more than 1,000 miles with it installed I wanted to share a product review.

Fit: 9/10
Cost: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Cool Induction Noises: 12/10


This intake is very simple to install; it took me 4 minutes with three tools. The intake comes packaged very well and the finish is very nice. According to ZZP, you should see around a 12 horsepower gain. I can absolutely tell a difference in the mid-range power and there is little to no response lag.


The bracket when first installed, can rub on the engine mount causes you to hear a very strong vibration while turning and accelerating. I later adjusted the fitment and have an no other issues. I can foresee this being an issue with other customers. The only other con I found was that is intake does not have a heat shield. I purchased this intake anyway because the car is intercooled.

I found this intake to be a great place to start if you're looking for more power, better mileage and enjoy hearing your turbo.


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Would you mind mentioning how much it cost and where you got it from?
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