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Projection Headlights, SatNav In-dash system, & Wheels

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Hi Guys. We manufacture Electric Vehicles in India (High speed Electric

Motorcycles and small utility in-door/outdoor scooters.)

Recently We have also started the following products:

1.) Bi-xenon 2.6" and 3" Projection conversion for ANY CAR Headlights, (Both RH and LH Drive) -

2.) Exhaust Mufflers- Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber, Single Tip, Twin tip, and a lot more options,

3.) In-Dash SatNav system, compatible to your car. (Check pics below) This system includes Bluetooth connectivity for phone audio (Hands free) SatNav with Maps, Dvd playback, USB, Memory card reader, photo viewer, etc. The System hooks up to the Car's Can Bus system and also performs primary functions.

4.) Air filters: Cotton filters (like K&n) available in various sizes (Universal fitment) with special silicon piping for cold air intakes. Stock Replacement box filters.

More products coming up. I am starting up a new brand for these above products, The formalities are in progress, once I have set everything, I will post again with 'CRUZE Exclusive' Parts.

All our products are very economical and have 18 months to 2 years international warranty (depends on product).

For now Please comment on my pics below. This is my Cruze (Yes I love the Car). :D
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I was going to buy some HID's this week (I decided to get a tattoo instead) but Im glad I waited because I like those lights and For $360 its not a bad deal for 2 new headlights with housing. 2 questions though, are they plug and play and approx how much is shipping to USA?
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