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You have two options:
bigger screen than the one avaliable in the ECO model, along with an additional DVD player to be mounted in the glove box.
Advantages : You can still play from your 6 cd changer as well as the DVD player
Drawbacks: Additional space occupied for storing the DVD player

Or an entire unit from the Screen all the way till the CD player section. (The DVD player replaces your existing CD player).

Advantages: No additional space req.
Drawbacks: You lose a 6 CD changer and get only one DVD player.

That is the screen available here even in the top end models. So we sell a lot here. Our product has been fitted on multiple Cruze's without problems so far. It is safe and does not void your warranty, as there is no wire being CUT. Its a plug and play unit with safety cut offs.
If you don't mind. You think you can upload the DIY manual? Also pics of the module itself?
1 - 2 of 89 Posts
Not open for further replies.