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Projector headlights with halos - comes with HID kit

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What is your name?: Jeff Demara
What is your Email Address OR Contact PH #? :
What is your City? : Vancouver
What is your State? : British Columbia, Canada
What is your Zip code? : V3Z 6T5 (can ship out of 98230 in Blaine, Washington as well)

Chevrolet Cruze halo projector headlight housings. They have pure white "U" shaped halos, and led turn signals across the bottom.

Used condition, work great. Selling because I just retrofitted my own set of headlights.

Lowbeam bulb is a H7 Morimoto XB35 5500k. Highbeam bulb is a H1 Morimoto XB35 5500k.
Comes with two Canbus ballasts and a wiring harness. You will need your own ballasts for the highbeams unless halogens are put back in.

These sell on eBay for $374.99 USD without bulbs or ballasts.
Looking to get $280 USD + shipping for everything shown.
or, if you live in Canada, $395 CAD + shipping.

Plug and play setup! (If located in Canada- Vancouver BC, these can be picked up locally!)


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Not trying to hijack your thread, but I have this same setup and my horizontal aim is way off....yours looks pretty spot on so I think they just didn't align the projectors right in my set. Or am I missing horizontal aiming screws? Seems that all I can find is vertical screws. Thanks for any help!

P.S. I can contest that this is a great setup and light output is much better than factory, even for them not being a retrofit!!
I'm fairly interested and I'll be in vancouver mid Feb.
Im intrested hows the light output on them in those lenses???
Light output is actually really decent. Brighter hotspot than a set of Morimoto Mini D2S projectors from the retrofit source.
If you're local, I can easily fire them up and show you.
Are you willing to go any cheaper since they haven't sold?
Are you willing to go any cheaper since they haven't sold?
PM me with an offer :)
Offer for shipped to los angeles? Zip= 91360

Also, can I see a picture of your retrofit?

And jsut curious, why are you selling the HID kit for the lows? Do you not need the CANBUS ballasts for your new headlights?
Still for sale?
Still available??

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The lights are still available everyone. I will update this thread once they're sold.

PM me if you are interested please.
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